Monday, February 15, 2010

Safe Sex in the Senate

We need one of these in the good 'ol USA. A party with enough representation in Congress to make the Right recall that they are supposed to be a party of law and the Left cling to the impulses of the majority. I'm thinkin' twenty-seven in the House and nine in the senate. Oh, and let's have a Sex-er on the Supreme Court too, that'll take care of certain redundant cases from wasting tax payer time and money.

Gay Marriage? Abortion? Sex Ed? Healthcare? Bring it on. The US Sex Party will tell the Man to keep his laws off your body and out of your bedroom. Oh, those feelings of distrust, envy, and deviance...get over them. Sex-ers are going to legalize prostitution and tax the hell out of it. They'll start with converting the southeast quadrant of the District into a model of success. Investors are already lining up. That $12.5 Billion debt? Psht.

Can you imagine Congressional backroom negotiations? Can you picture the verbose botoxed denizens of the Hill drumming their fingers, giggling, insinuating cooperation if there's a Sex-er staffer available to consult?

Better still, imagine the sudden uptick in grassroots political participation. After all, nothing ties our collective panties in a shibari knot faster than issues of sex.

Take a look at the Aussie's site: 

Look at their policies. Check out the very last bullet.  I dare you not to laugh.

I told you Sex-ers would take care of the deficit.

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