Monday, March 15, 2010

Silhouettes on the Shades

Remember that doo-wop classic, Silhouettes on the Shades? It would have been helpful had it leapt to mind when my sixty-year old aluminum blinds went crashing to the hardwood floor. For wee bit over a year, lovely ivory canvas curtains - lined, naturally - have prevented me from being arrested as an exhibitionist.

Or so I thought.

Recently, civic duty provided the misfortune of having to begin my day before dawn. This required lights to be turned on so that I did not trip over and be killed by my bairy heasts who had scattered about the room over the course of hard night. Walking said beasts during horrific pre-dawn revealed that those lovely curtains merely diffused images. They did not deign to go so far as to obscure the color of certain items in the room...a ground floor room.

Random honking at strange hours now explained.

If you will excuse me, I have new blinds to hang. doh


  1. No one knocked on the door with a wicked leer and an offer (or a warning for that matter). ::le sigh::