Monday, March 22, 2010

What About the Vessels?

So, here's a question about the recent Health Care Reform disaster bill. There was much hullabaloo about the role government funding would play in abortions. On the other end of the spectrum was a dearth of concern for pregnancy coverage.

But, KAK, pregnancies are covered under regular health insurance.

Nope, they're not, not for those of us who are individually insured. It is an option that costs significantly more, upwards of $100/month more. Prior to the Pre-Existing Condition expiration in 2014, if I don't have pregnancy coverage before I am pregnant, all well-mother/well-fetus exams and treatments will not be covered by my insurance company. Whether I'll be able to get coverage in 2014 if I am surprised by a pregnancy remains to be known.

Remember, kiddies, only abstinence is 100% effective.
Well, that and chat room masturbation.

Okay, I understand, my government views my body as a community vessel -- that's a hotbed of contention for another forum -- in the meantime, could we, as a nation, stop for just a moment and consider the point beyond conception yet before arrival?

Could we, you know, care about the vessel?

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