Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bambi: Zombie Hairdresser.

Earlier this week, Danica Avet posted a fun little tidbit about deer from a Crime Scene Imagination writing class. 
Bambi likes to eat the hair of dead people.

My first thought was, "Funny, I never see it in the poo pellets they leave all over my yard." 

My second thought was, "Well, now I'll know where to get my hair done during the Zombie Apocalypse." 

'Cause, you know, having a good stylist after you've waltzed with the Reaper is important. The dead don't like split-ends. Just ask any self-respecting Vampire. Everyone knows a lycanthrope once made a snide comment about one of the un-dead having a bad hair day, which started the whole Vamps versus Weres wars.

Who woulda thunkit, Bambi could have saved countless predators if only he had moved to the city and open a salon instead of frolicking in the forest. Hell, PETA would have set up naked human blockades to keep him from the hunters. He could have been a millionaire with his own private park instead of some backwoods tick-hick.

Chew on that image for a while. I'm off to go talk to a doe about nibbling in some chunky layers.


  1. Yeah, the whole deer-nibbling-on-corpses thing freaked me out. Excellent reason not to go to RWA workshops ALL the time... And not just because the bar is always open!

  2. You know...there's a lot of food for thought here. Pun intended.

  3. I'll let you two finish the joke.

    "Two erotica writers and a deer walk into a bar..."