Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Tri Pillow Is Back!

I cannot tell you all how happy, happy, joy, joy, I am that the next generation Tri Pillow is out.

WTF am I muttering?

For those of you who grew up lacking the ultimate pillow-fight winning pillow in the 1980s, I present to you:
Behold: The Tri Pillow

This is not the sort of pillow you have in a bed that you share with someone...unless you like beating the crap out of your bed-buddy. Me? I'm good with that. Sadly, however, time is not kind to cotton and my beloved Tri Pillow eventually died.

~insert trumpeting trumpets~

Behold, what flashed across my screen today:

Glee and hee. I'm not sure about the ear hole, but hey, boomerang pillows FTW!

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