Sunday, June 21, 2009

Countdown to RWA Nationals -- 25 Days

Tick. Tock. Dick. Cock.

It is less than a month until the annual Romance Writers of America conference. This year it takes place in my old stomping grounds of the District (that's Washington D.C. for you tourists). It's why I've summoned the gumption, the fundage, and the beast-sitters to tackle my first "Nationals" experience. Do I have any idea into what I am getting?

I have a clue, but it's like those Opportunity cards in Careers. Due to my experience as a fledgling un-pub, I have the opportunity to attend. May save or sell. If I'm lucky, I'll garner five Hearts and two Fames by the time I roll out.

Really, I'll be happy not to faint during my Agent Pitch session (damn panic attacks).

There is preparation a-happening. Clues are being collected and filed away. Local Chapter meetings, Online Special-Interest Group meetings, and the sporadic online class have all provided the fairly logical everyone-knows-it-so-why-do-they-forget-it key piece of advice:

RWA Nationals is a business conference. Comport yourselves accordingly.

Over the next four weeks I'll offer my pithy opinions on "business-appropriate" behavior and its war against the individual feral need to be published. Once the conference kicks off, I'll update you with the casualties of intentions and careers.

This year promises to be...uhm...entertaining as the E-Pubs fight for recognition as legitimate authors and publishers. The loops are aflame, the panties are bunched, the Valkyrian war cries are trilling.

Stay tuned...

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