Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 14: Meat at Abbey Road

A year after Midnight at the Lost and Found released, Meat Loaf escaped from the relentless day-to-day torments by heading to England to record at the famous Abbey Road Studios. His search for a producer netted great talent, but not one that "got" Meat's theatrical approach to recording an album.

It's like a train wreck repeating itself...

Paul Jacobs and Sarah Durkee supplied most of the songs for his next endeavor; yet, in spite of their tempestuous relationship, Meat asked Steinman to contribute too.


Steinman needed a few years to come up with new material for him, time that Meat didn't have. He accepted another legal and label slap up side the head when he recycled Steinman's "Surf's Up" and "Nowhere Fast."


Meat was in a rush to put Midnight behind him and get something more in line with his vision out to his fans, but, clearly, he hadn't really learned the lessons from his last two albums.

One could say Meat Loaf was going "Nowhere Fast"

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