Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 13: Daltrey + Meat = Bad Attitude

Sixteen years after Popcorn Blizzard backed up The Who, Meat Loaf invited Roger Daltrey to share the vocals on the title track of his next album, Bad Attitude. Daltrey, another singer and actor, played the father to Meat's recalcitrant son (2:45 mark in the track below). There is a live performance of the two of them doing this song...somewhere out there in the lost archives of great performances.

Bad Attitude released November 1, 1984, without much fanfare in the US. 

Top of the Charts in the winter of 1984? Billy Ocean's "Caribbean Queen," Wham! and "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go," and Madonna's Like a Virgin. Maybe Meat needed some highlights, a message tee, and a pair of fingerless lace gloves.

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  1. It was all about the neon glow...he was just too dark! Maybe a white poet's shirt with neon green ruffles and some pink neon shorts?