Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 11: Meat and the Milli Vanilli Connection

While Meat Loaf was repairing his marriage, he was not letting go of his slow return to the charts. This time he'd learned to find a producer who understood his approach to recording an album.

 Enter Frank Ferian
The man behind Milli Vanilli
(Don't do it, don't picture Meat Loaf in Spandex doin' the dance. 
Aww, you did, didn't you?)

Meat marched off to Germany to record Blind Before I Stop with Ferian and quickly learned he was one of the few artists working with Ferian who was both singer and performer.

You can imagine his reaction to the pretty face + fake voice = Grammy. 

Still, Ferian seemed to fit Meat's needs and the album went down without any of the drama of his previous four. Meat packed up and went back to the States. He received the promo copy of Blind. Why had the order of his songs been changed? The order told a story. The story of the character whose life was captured in the album. The character Meat became when he performed said album. WHY had the order been changed?

Control Freak + Change = N.U.T.T.E.R.
~Insert Eye Twitch Here~

 Wha? What was THAT? What was that HIDEOUS sound underpinning his tracks? What was...

OMFG. Ferian added DISCO beats?!?
~Insert Image of Meat as Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever here~

Frank Ferian was "Gettin' Away with Murder" Rock and Roll


  1. Ohhh...yuck! I can't get Meatloaf out of my head sporting braided long coarse hair....

  2. Girl, you know it's true...there's a braided Meat Loaf coming for you!