Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 12: Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

When it came to the important women in Meat Loaf's life, he did not win the Stand By Me award. His mother had been the voice of caring and reassurance that had been the stark contrast to his father. She had gotten sick while he was in high school and by the time he hit twenty, she was in a hospital, tented and sucking down oxygen through a tube. Although and because Meat adored her, he ran like hell from Texas to California. He couldn't cope with watching the cancer ravage her body. At one time, she had been as robust as her son, but when the disease held her, she was nothing more than a waif.

He Ran.

When his career splattered he met and married Leslie. She caught him when fell, trembled with him when he lost everything, and suffered as her mind joined his on the fritz. Meat recovered. He turned to his career. Recorded some albums, turned his anger outward, and slowly rebuilt his career with Leslie's help. But when Leslie fell to her lowest point and needed him most...

He Ran.

When he returned from the Bad Attitude Tour, he didn't go home to his wife and children. He holed up in NYC with random chick he'd met in Australia. He knew Leslie was falling apart and he was terrified he'd join her back at the bottom, back in the madness. Leslie threatened to divorce him.

He Ran. Home. 

He fell on knees, admitted his stupidity and professed his undying love. At the end of his long-winded (undoubtedly theatrical) confession, he asked if he could come home. One word was all she said. Yes.

 Is Nothing Sacred Anymore? Well, yes. Yes it was.
For the time being.


  1. I'm reading this while Kiss's "Beth" is playing in the background. Coincidence? I think not. Although I really should stop reading your Meat Loaf posts. I don't know if I can handle another Meat Loaf Willie Nelson dream.

  2. Aw shucks, Meat Loaf's "Always on My Mind," conversely, Willie's always "Burnin' Down" something.