Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 8: Percolating Bats in Heaven and Hell

In spite of the litigious, toxic, and tempestuous relationship with Steinman, Meat Loaf knew that his fans were waiting for a follow-up to Bat Out of Hell. Yes, he'd released four studio albums since then. Yes, he'd included a Steinman song here and there, but he knew from touring and from listening to his fans that while his independent efforts were good, they just weren't Bat-tastic.

He also knew Steinman required a lot of creative creation time.

When Steinman extended the figurative nutter branch and invited Meat over to his cave, they sang and played the old songs, rehashed the fonder memories, and tentatively agreed that maybe it was time to fully collaborate once again on Bat II.

Meat was between label deals at the time. Not unlike the first attempts to sell Bat I, he met with resistance from execs. Not unlike the first time, much of that resistance was due to Steinman. No business wanted the burden of legal time-bomb of a Meat and Steinman mash-up. Additionally, Steinman commanded quite a bit of money for his hits, because when he finally birthed a musical baby and sold it off to the right adoptive parent, it was pure money for everyone involved.

Two of the best artists for Steinman's dramatic songs were Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler, so in 1989, Columbia records released the greatest Steiman hits compilation album Heaven and Hell. It kept both artists in the spotlight while Steinman skulked into his dark lair to create his next evil masterpiece.

Meat Loaf knew, "Heaven Can Wait"

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  1. You had me worried thinking the Meatology was complete!