Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 9: Do You Want a Slurpee with Your Meat Loaf?

Meat Loaf released four studio albums in five years, each with a painful reminder of why rushing to market was a bad idea. Unfortunately, he had one more album left on his contract with Arista. It may have taken time and misery to learn some lessons, but he'd learned. With the help of Leslie's brother, in 1987, he delivered Live at Wembley, and wrapped up the final obligation.

He kept touring in support of Blind Before I Stop, still seeking to return to the packed theaters of Bat I, but while he was big in the UK, the US wasn't giving him the love. He played bars so small that the gear, let alone the band, couldn't fit on the stage. Heck, he'd even been booked into a 7-11. He wasn't too proud to turn down a gig, but he drew the line at performing next to the Slurpee Machine.

It just wasn't "Masculine."


  1. Slurpees, Meat Loaf, and mullets...sounds like it could be a story. I thought you should write this KAK

  2. I'm picturing an 80s Throw Back Antho. You in?

  3. I'm so there with my can of Aquanet hair spray!