Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Cartoons -- Animaniacs

To all those Trekkies stretching out their lycra uniforms for Halloween, this parody is for you. Bonus points if you translate it into Klingon.

"We're Kling-ons; get it?"
"Dr. Spork, live long and perspire."


  1. Hrm...are we related or something? Cause Animaniacs is my absolute favorite cartoon of all time.

  2. She just likes this for the "Kahn!" scream.

  3. Ha! Cute. (But I have to say, I really hated animaniacs when I was growing up. LOL)

  4. Danica, I'm pretty sure Miss Information just called our table, "City & the Bayou Cousins."

    Jeffe, Kahn and his plastic chest, oh yeah.

    AP, Deep down inside, I'm crying for you. This tragic news may spawn a week-long tribute to the snarky genius of the Animaniacs.