Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Classic Cartoon -- Hair Raising Hare

One of my all time favorite episodes of Bugs Bunny is "Hair Raising Hare." Mind you, this isn't because of a deep love for Bugs. Nay, nay. The first time I saw this, when I was wee-lass, I distinctly recall being very, very angry at Bugs for being so mean to poor Gossamer. Yes, it is quite possibly because I bear a striking resemblance to the hairy red monster. ~slathers on anti-frizz goo~  It's more likely because Gossamer *tried* to be nice to Bugs and Bugs made him cry. Hey, I'm protective of my beasts like that. Anywhoo, without further ado, enjoy this little Halloween blast from the past!

That part at the end, where Gossamer screams, "PEOPLE," and runs away? It's like we share a mind...


  1. Gossamer! I couldn't remember his name! I just knew he was one of my favorite characters along with Pepe Le Pew (cause I thought he was sweet if a bit...stalkerish).

  2. Funny - I haven't seen that in ages, possibly since I was a kid, and yet so much of the images were so familiar. I remember the manicure scene so well and the canned monster. I always felt sorry for the monster, too. Bugs was a little shit!

  3. Danica, Pepe the Persistent Perv? I'm there with ya. I might need to post one of his clips tomorrow just to see how many dirty jokes flew over my head when I was younger.

    Jeffe, "Canned Monster" was simultaneously hilarious and tragic, kinda like the wind-up sex doll. ~cough~